Be Your Own Man, Ladies!

I’m a little flabberghasted right now.

I don’t think that’s how you spell that word – but it works.

I have realized lately when scrolling through Pinterest, or random blogs, or just the internet in general; there are SO many things to read along the lines of “10 things to do for your husband/man”.


I’m sorry – but last time I checked like 99.3% of women treated their men like kings – in hope of getting the queen treatment in return. I mean, yea maybe one of those 10 things we hadn’t thought of – but I feel like going out of your way to be the ‘perfect’ girlfriend/wife/wtfever is just fucking stupid.

It’s sad to me how chauvinistic this world ACTUALLY is. Like, I’m all for a man working and a woman staying home, cooking, cleaning, whatever…but to then expect her to be at your every beck and call, your personal chef and sex monkey, your maid, your mommy, your doctor and EVERYTHING else that she is for you – every day – and then STILL expect more when YOU do nothing for her like that? Yea…you take care of her…but, she can actually do that on her own.

I think that’s the thing that women don’t actually realize, hell I don’t think men realize it either…there is not a single woman out there that NEEDS a man in her life. Women chose to have men in their lives, they want them there.

There are plenty of positive things a man can add to your life, but shit – you are actually just fine alone.

I guess being who I am, and being able to do almost anything I need to do by myself makes me annoyed by all this shit. I challenge any woman reading this today to go out and find something they think they need a man for and learn how to do it themselves!

It can be as simple as changing a tire or the oil in your car, or as elaborate as building your own bed.

I don’t care what it is – or if a man teaches you to do it…but LEARN something new, and that you don’t NEED a man to do everything for you.

If anyone ACTUALLY does this – I would love to hear how it goes ūüôā


That One Girl


Ex.Ploh.Zee.On #3

Hitting your funny bone when no one else is around really isn’t funny.

Not even a little bit.

Is it called your funny bone because technically it is the humerus, or because it’s funny to everyone else to see you in EXCRUCIATING pain.

That’s a big word, reminds me of excretion, which is a gross word…much like crevice. Unless you pronounce it creh-vahss, not so bad that way. But weird.

The english language is quite eff’d up if you ask me.


To, Too, Two, 2.

Yea, chew on that one with your morning brownie.

Why doesn’t brownie end in a y like all other things, happy, grumpy, fishy, horsey, monkey, money, can you think how stupid those things would look ending in ‘ie’..except after c of course.

Yet another rule that doesn’t apply.

WHY is Y a vowel sometimes, but not others? Does he decide if he’s a vowel today, or do we?

How are we supposed to make a decision like that?

That’s like deciding if you should wear matching socks.

WHY do girls worry if their undies and bra match? Like, if you get in a wreck and they have to cut off your clothes, I don’t think they’re gonna be like WHAT was she thinking?! Blue and black?! OMG. we can’t put her intestines back in.


I don’t know if it’s just me or if it’s all women, but I’m awful at making decisions.

This post should tell you that, I can’t even decide what to write about!

Do you think that people can find emails you’ve sent to others just floating around in email-space? I mean…that would suck.

I feel like with technology there is no privacy.

I’m scared to send a sexy picture to my boy for fear of it going elsewhere.

That’s why I only send REALLY good ones.

Happy Wednesday.

It’s a good day for day drinking.


That One Girl

Craigslist – allowing guys to be pussies since ’99!

Okay, I don’t know if Craig had a list of ‘missed connections’ when he launched his list in 1999, but he does now.

Have you ever gone to that section of your local craigslist page? If you haven’t you really should. I find myself reading them when I’m bored because they’re simply quite comical. Occasionally I’ll reply to them, hoping to boost the morale of some sad guy, and sometimes I just like to fuck with people. It’s not nice, no, but what I don’t get is why these guys think that the ‘super hot’ girl or the ‘bbw’ that they saw in walmart is going to rush home to check CL for a missed connections ad.

Number one, if I found out that some guy had posted a missed connections ad when he saw me instead of just nutting up and saying ‘Hey, you’re pretty…let’s go get some ice cream’…I would laugh at him, and call him names, but I’m just mean.

Maybe I wouldn’t do that, but maybe I would. I’m a little bit old fashioned, in the sense that I like a man to be a MAN when it comes to dating and stuff! Like, hello! How do you think they did it back in the day? Did they text, or post internet ads?! NO! They just sucked up their little boy guts and talked to girls. Do you people not remember what that rush is like?! Sadly, our younger generations won’t ever know what it was like!

I don’t know, maybe I’m losing my mind here…but trying to get a date on Craigslist is just…sad. Especially when there are so many like 23-26 year old guys doing it? Um. Put down the xBox controller and maybe go to a place where girls hang out? Coffee shop? Bar? Internet Cafe? Like, it’s NOT THAT HARD!

I do blame women though, for making it hard for men to just be open…because, well, they’re bitches. They have ruined and scared so many good men that, well, they must resort to the list set up by Craig to feel they can reach out to women.


Guys, not all of us are the same! Take a risk, jump off that cliff! You can do it!

THE WORST that could happen is she says no.



That One Girl

Ex.ploh.zee.on #2

It’s Wednesday yet again all my fellow furniture salesfolk.

I don’t really sell furniture, that was extremely misleading.

Do you ever wonder what the people at Hallmark think when printing cards that they don’t understand?

Yea, me either.

I bet the computers have feelings there at Hallmark. Everything has feelings at Hallmark. They make dogs that bark along when you read a book for pete’s sake.

WHO is pete anyway? Is he/she/it proper, so should it be Pete, or pete? UGH!.

So, I had some coffee today, that was nice. I’m also a little worried about the outcome.

Do you think the guy that Carly Rae Jepsen sings about in Call Me Maybe is a zombie? like,

Your stare was holdin’,
Ripped jeans, skin was showin’
Hot night, wind was blowin’

Seems a bit zombie ish to me.

You know, what if we really do have a zombie apocalypse. Or an alpacalypse, that’d be amazing…a zombie alpaca is just a creepy ass thought though.

I think I’d just go ahead and become zombified, why fight the inevitable?

Can a dog zombie turn you into a zombie? Or only other dogs?

Why do zombies have to be so ugly?

Ever seen a pretty zombie? Ever seen a zombie? Or a vampire? or even just a ghost.

Someone tell me a ghost story!

The Real Life: Paranormal Activity




That One Girl

Why So Serious?

It’s not to often that I feel the urge to write about something even remotely serious, or unrelated to sex or the like, but something today has me feeling a little…serious.

Don’t worry though, it won’t last forever.

I was just thinking….am I the only one with the fast forward button on my life remote stuck down? I know I can’t be, I know for sure. I know¬†this because I see a group of 15-year-old girls at the mall who could easily pass for 20. What happened to the good ole days of being care free and young? I’m by no means old, 23 now, but am starting to see that I’m skipping the best years of my life by trying to hurry up and grow up.

I am generally the youngest in our group of friends, by 6 or more years. 6 years is a lot when we’re talking the difference in 23 and almost 30. At almost 30 people are buying homes and starting families making big accomplishments at work and ya know, doing adult things. When I’m surrounded by that, I think I feel that’s where I should be, that I’m behind…that I’m slacking.

I literally have to figuratively slap myself in the face and say ‘YOU’RE ONLY 23! SLOW.DOWN!’

I think we worry too much about the hustle and bustle of tomorrow and completely forget about today. Then, when you ARE 30 and are just starting to do those things you’ve thought you should have done when you were 23, you’re going to regret not doing those 23-year-old things!

I’m just saying, get a grip on the situation because if you don’t let go of that fast forward button it’s just a lose-lose scenario.

If you’re young, ENJOY being young. Chase your dreams, jump out of planes, take risks, fall in love, get hurt, just….live.

We can sleep when we’re dead.



-That One Girl


The Shit of a Bull, Episode 1.

Have you ever just sat around and thought out random scenarios in your head, and like how they’d play out and exactly what’d happen like little movies of your ‘perfect’ life….yea, me neither.

HA! Just kidding, I do it all the time. I guess that’s like day dreaming, right? Sometimes I day-dream about completely awesome, yet almost always inappropriate things. What is wrong with me? I think about like, if I COULD rob a bank how I’d do it and what I’d do in the 24 hours preceding, because of course, in my dream, after 24 hours I’m not going to be caught.

So what if I was able to rob a bank…I wonder the exact sum I’d make off with. Probably like 4.783 million? Yea, that’s what I was thinking to.

It’d all be in cash, in burlap bags (or gunny sacks as we call em, guess it depends on where you’re from), because I want it to be as redneck as possible. I want the bankers to feel like losers in life, getting robbed by Jesse James and his posse, just one more time.

I’d even ride out on horses…I guess I’ll need quite a few accomplices. Maybe I’ll just shoot for a million 5, I mean that’s enough right?

So, on my run outa town…I’d hit a dirt road with the pony posse and ride on to our hideout. There, I’d give the 4 guys (yea, they’d¬†all be guys…bitches can’t be trusted) their cut for helpin¬†me execute the plan, put the horses away and then jump in a jet with one select person to paradise¬†island in the Bahamas. Why? I don’t know…because it’s freakin¬†awesome. There, I’d get the biggest suite and person and I would roll around in the money for like hour…because we could.

THEN, I’d pay all the people to get out of the pool and have it to myself for a few hours, and get my tasty fruity drink on.

I’d do all kinds of stupid things with my money for the next 17 hours, and then make my way back to the states…buying a huge ranch in Texas complete with ponies and a giant pool and outdoor kitchen.

This story is getting boring now, isn’t it?

Hahahaha. Who ends something that way? ME…don’t hate, appreciate. Or something.

I’m gonna go to the liquor store now and find something tasty.



-That One Girl

Drunken Blog #2 – How to be good at being bad.

I don’t know why the 2 drunken blogs are like…instructional or some shit, but I feel like everyone should know how to perfect being bad.

There are a few different things to cover here, being bad isn’t just one thing. A lot of people are bad in different ways. I’m just going to thow out some pointers on how to keep yourself outa trouble while you should be getting into trouble.

Obviously, you shouldn’t drink and drive, or speed, or commit any other traffic violations becauase¬†it’s really not safe..but if you must – wear your seatbelt and, ladies,¬†a low cut shirt paired with a pushup bra (a nice tight pair of jeans doesn’t hurt either) Guys…just have a lady drive you, or at least take one with you.

You should also never keep more drugs¬†¬†in your vehicle than you can consume without dying and getting competely twisted. If it’s inside¬†your body it’s¬†no longer a controled substance¬†…that shit is¬†outa control. haha. I don’t think this would work with alcohol.

You shouldn’t cheat on your lover, but if you do..don’t TELL anyone. I mean, think about it…if you tell your friend, they tell their friend..eventually someone who cares about your partner is going to find out..and tel them. Just keep it to yourself.

If you’re gonna be a whore, take a lot of showers. There is nothing wrong with being a whore..but being a dirty whore is unacceptable.

ALWAYS delete your drunk texts..but not until the next morning, we all know that shit is entertaining as fuck to read sober….unless you make an ass outa yourself! DON’T do that.

I’m pretty drunk right now. I think the next drunk blog will be about how to be super fucking awesome when you’re drunk.

Peace out kids…I’ma get my pass-out on!

-That One Girl